Preventing and effectively combating animal diseases

Animal diseases are a permanent and serious threat. Due to uncontrolled spread, animal diseases can develop a rapid dynamic. Due to current developments, especially in the spread and emergence of SARS-Cov2, zoonoses are once again attracting greater public interest. The spread and mutations of viruses can only be countered by consistent and effective action at an early stage.


African swine fever

With the appearance of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Belgium in September 2018, the virus has reached Central Europe. For some time, cases of the disease have been known from some areas of Eastern Europe, Sardinia, parts of Africa and China. An introduction into further Central European countries via travel, hunting tourism or goods / animal traffic is therefore no longer excluded.

Avian influenza

Only recently, a new strain of the influenza virus was discovered again, this time in Germany. The avian influenza it causes is highly contagious and means high economic losses for poultry farmers in the event of an outbreak in their own livestock.

Effective disinfectants

Independent test institutes have confirmed the outstanding biological disinfection effect
of peracetic acid products. Even at very low temperatures below freezing, this active
ingredient is still highly active and reliably inactivates pathogens. At the same time, the
active ingredient is considered ecologically safe when handled correctly.

Absorbent, porous, biologically contaminated surfaces, such as those often found in stables, present a particular challenge for disinfection. Here too, studies have shown that peracetic acid compounds are extremely effective within very short contact times.

Peracetic acid as the active ingredient is therefore listed in the relevant reference lists, such as those of the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) for surface disinfection in the event of an epidemic (effective range AB) under the name Wofasteril. At Kärcher Futuretech, the product is available as BDS 2000, a buffered system consisting of two components.

Application equipment for virus control

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