Mobile Water Supply

Clean drinking water is the most valuable asset in every situation and the supply can be ensured using mobile water purification. We offer you mobile and reliable systems for the treatment, filling, storage and distribution of drinking water.

Kärcher  Mobile Water Treatment Plants

Mobile Water Treatment Plants

Our mobile water treatment plants provide you with clean and safe drinking water from natural sources such as fresh, brackish and salt water as well as chemically contaminated raw water.

Kärcher  Mobile Drinking Water Filling Plants

Mobile Drinking Water Filling Plants

Our mobile systems ensure hygienic and partially chlorine-free filling of drinking water on site. In addition, logistic costs can be saved and the transport risk is reduced.

Kärcher  Water Storage and Distribution

Water Storage and Distribution

Various water tanks provide temporary storage for raw water as well as drinking water. We also offer distribution stations so that the drinking water is available for consumption.

Kärcher  Drinking Water Chlorination

Drinking Water Chlorination

Chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water and to prevent recontamination during storage. To eliminate the need to transport the hazardous substance chlorine, our system converts table salt into chlorine on site.

Kärcher  Water Analysis

Water Analysis

To ensure the required drinking water quality and the correct operation of our systems, you can conduct quality checks with our water analysis sets.

Water Supply: From source to consumption

Drinking water is the most important food for us humans.

Most of all in crisis and disaster areas we often face the situation that the population does not have access to a functioning and safe drinking water supply. Defence forces and military organisations as well as civil defense forces are constantly confronted with this specific challenge.

We not only provide you with systems for a safe and hygienic drinking water supply but also accompany and consult you throughout the entire process.


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