Mobile field camp systems

In the area of mobile field camp systems we offer tailor-made solutions that are adapted to our customers' needs. As well as catering and water supply systems, important modules include heaters and air conditioners, sanitary facilities and laundry systems, all designed to ensure autonomous operation and optimum networking.

Kärcher  Mobile heaters

Mobile heaters

Our mobile and robust heaters are used for heating tents or other spaces in extreme climatic conditions.

Kärcher  Mobile air conditioners

Mobile air conditioners

Our air conditioners demonstrate impressive mobility and robustness. Even in extreme climates, they can keep tents and other spaces cool without problem.

Kärcher  Mobile sanitary systems

Mobile sanitary systems

To achieve the best possible hygiene in field conditions, we offer a range of sanitary units that are equipped with a choice of either showers and washbasins, or toilets/urinals and washbasins, and can be combined with our energy-saving hot water modules for a hot water supply.

Kärcher  Mobile laundry systems

Mobile laundry systems

Our mobile laundry systems ensure large quantities of laundry can be continuously washed and dried efficiently.


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