Cage System

The Cage system is a modular decontamination system that consists of independent, compact and yet fully compatible modules. Its unique modularity and enormous flexibility are impressive. The system can be individually configured for different scenarios, to suit your requirements.

The Cage system is based on a 10’ or 20’ foot platform with ISO Twistlocks, which can accommodate up to nine modules. The modules themselves consist of a solid frame and lightweight yet robust GFRP sandwich panels, making them extremely hard-wearing and ideal for air transport. Water transport modules and various functional and accessory modules are available. People, sensitive or personal equipment, interior spaces, vehicles and sections of road can be decontaminated, depending on which functional modules are selected. We recommend the integration of water transport modules as this will ensure autonomy for a certain time. An optional hydraulic crane is also available, and is secured to the transport platform. The hydraulic crane is used for loading the individual cages. Additionally, the crane can be used to decontaminate the tops of large, high vehicles. The principle of ‘choosing the modules you need’ is an ideal way of selecting and combining precisely the functions you need for your specific decontamination jobs.

Features and benefits

Reliable operation
  • Cages consist of robust GFRP sandwich panels
Easy operation
  • Can be operated wearing full protective gear
Simple logistics
  • 10‘ or 20‘ platform with ISO Twistlocks
Ready for use fast
  • Quick to set up
Autonomous operation
  • Water tanks and generators can be integrated
High flexibility
  • Different configurations possible (modular system)


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