HDS 1200

The HDS 1200 is an electric hot water pressure washer for installation in a closed system, and works with pressurized hot or cold water and superheated steam. In addition, an optional dosing system enables the unit to spray aqueous decontamination and cleaning agents for the main and post-treatment of surfaces such as vehicles and buildings.

With a flow rate of up to 1200 litres an hour at a pressure of up to 140 bar, the HDS 1200 unit’s main function is to clean surfaces with cold water, hot water up to 60 °C, or dry steam up to 150 °C. By adding an optional dosing unit and other accessories such as spray and foam lances, and with the addition of suitable chemicals, the HDS 1200 is suitable for the decontamination of large machines, pieces of equipment, vehicles and buildings. The hot water is generated using diesel power. The compact and robust unit is designed for installation in a closed system, where it is connected to the central control cabinet, which features a control panel for the module. The built-in HDS 1200 can be mounted on a telescopic rail system to simplify maintenance.

Features and benefits

Reliable operation
  • Robust components
  • High-capacity burner with upright heating coil and continuous ignition with no explosion risk
  • Water softening system for protecting the heating coil from limescale
Simple logistics
  • Compact size for easy system integration
Simple maintenance
  • Open frame design giving easy access to components


Technical data

NSN 4230-12-381-0262
Cold water - high pressure (bar) 140
Cold water - flow rate (l/h) 1200
Hot water - high pressure (bar) 140
Hot water - flow rate (l/h) 1200
Hot water - temperature (°C) 60
Steam - temperature max. (°C) 155
Dimensions (L x W x H) 660 x 715 x 820
Weight (kg) 160


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