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Foam cleaner RM 54 62915410 https://www.kaercher.com/en/products/mobile-cbrn-decontamination/decontamination-and-cleaning-agents/cleaning-agent/foam-cleaner-rm-54-62915410.html Foam cleaner RM 54 is designed for cleaning sensitive weapon systems, aeroplanes, helicopters and similar items.

Foam cleaner RM 54

Foam cleaner RM 54 is designed for cleaning sensitive weapon systems, aeroplanes, helicopters and similar items.

Order number: 6.291-541.0

RM 54 is supplied in a 20-litre PE container and has a shelf life of four years after production. To use on aircraft, the user requires a Declaration of Suitability from the manufacturer of the aeroplane/helicopter.

Features and benefits

Satisfies the highest standards
  • Tested and approved by the Materials Testing and Research Institute for Aircraft of the German Armed Forces. Conforms to BWB-TL 6850-0015
  • Surfactants highly biodegradable in accordance with OECD
Environmentally friendly
  • Oil trap quickly separates oil and water (easy to separate (ASF))
High flexibility
  • Cleaning of metal, painted and unpainted surfaces, plastic parts and other materials for the army, navy and air force.

Poorly water-soluble substances (grease, oil, soot) can only be removed insufficiently with a high-pressure water jet during pre-treatment. Dangerous contaminants settle particularly well in this soiling. In order to carry out a reliable decontamination of these surfaces, they should be thoroughly cleaned before the main treatment. This requires the addition of a cleaning agent in the high-pressure jet. We recommend the use of the alkaline cleaning agent RM 54, which has been specially developed for cleaning weapon systems within the scope of the prescribed maintenance and period work for the army, air force and navy. The cleaning agent is therefore particularly suitable for cleaning as well as for pre-treatment in the event of decontamination due to atomic, biological and chemical contamination. The cleaning agent does not meet the criteria for thorough decontamination.  In order to achieve the criteria for thorough decontamination, additional treatment with the decontamination agents RDS 2000, BDS 2000 or GDS 2000 must be carried out.

The RM 54 used in the pre-treatment does not impair the main treatment with the decontamination agents mentioned above.