Decontamination and cleaning agents

Researched, developed and produced for you. For different decontamination tasks and requirements we offer a variety of decontamination and cleaning agents, which have been specially developed for different hazardous CBRN substances.

Kärcher  Decontamination agent

Decontamination agent

We provide highly efficient agents for detoxifying highly toxic chemical warfare agents, deactivating biological hazards and removing radioactive contaminants.

Kärcher  Cleaning agent

Cleaning agent

For special cleaning jobs, we offer a selection of cleaning agents that are tailor-made for use with our components and systems.

Decontamination agents

Why we think a universal decontamination agent is not enough

Based on NATO’s criteria for thorough decontamination, with certain substances just 1 % of residual contamination can be fatal to people. That is why we have such high standards for a thorough decontamination result, and therefore for the decontamination agents used. We are convinced that due to the considerably different physical and chemical properties of hazardous CBRN substances, a universal decontamination agent is simply not enough. In the case of many contaminants, a universal agent is not capable of achieving the decontamination performance required by NATO.

For this reason, we have developed three different decontamination agents that are each adapted to a specific type of CBRN substance and can achieve the necessary decontamination performance.

5 advantages of our decontamination agents:

  • Suitable for numerous tasks
  • Extremely good and reliable results
  • Short reaction time with maximum effect
  • Easy, safe handling, and rapid response
  • Long shelf life


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