Freezer module 400 l

The freezer module enables longer term storage of food with no loss of nutrients and vitamins. The deep-freeze temperature can be manually adjusted down to -18°C.

With 400 litres of storage space, the deep-freeze module can be used up to an ambient temperature of +49 °C. The module is gastro-norm compatible, which hugely facilitates the work process, as meals in GN containers can be taken straight out of the freezer module and prepared in a cooking module. The freezer module’s interior and exterior panelling allows quick and resource-saving cleaning. The individual shelf rails are very easy to remove, enabling fast and thorough cleaning in accordance with HACCP principles. The module can be used as an independent freezer unit, or in our MFK 2 Modular Field Kitchen, for example.


Technical data

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 970 x 700 x 1540
Weight (kg) 185
Connected load, average (W) 1050