Thermoport 1/3

Thermoports are double-walled, insulated and stackable plastic containers that are ideal for transporting hot or cold food. Meals get directly to the serving point in compliance with hygiene requirements. The Thermoport is suitable for a Gastronorm size 1/3 container.

Thermoports are very robust, dishwasher-proof (up to +90 °C) and Gastronorm (GN) compatible. They can therefore carry a variety of GN containers with a watertight press-in lid. This is an ideal way to keep food hot and guarantee hygienic transport.

Features and benefits

Reliable operation
  • Meals are transported safely and hygienically with optimum heat retention
  • Double-walled, insulated and stackable
  • Vent plugs protect Gastronorm containers from overflowing
Satisfies the highest standards
  • Robust, dishwasher-proof (up to +90 °C), Gastronorm compliant containers
  • Antibacterial surface
  • CFC-free insulation


Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 645 x 370 x 308
Weight (kg) 7,2


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