Mobile catering

Freshly cooked on site instead of kept warm and transported. Our mobile catering systems offer you flexible solutions for rapid response catering, with freshly cooked meals rich in variety, and resource-saving preparation of otherwise time-consuming dishes even under extreme conditions.

Kärcher  Burner systems

Burner systems

Our robust and reliable burner systems can use a variety of energy sources, and their energy-efficient technology ensures optimum use of limited resources.

Kärcher  Modules


We offer various frying and cooking modules, combi-steamers and cooling modules, either as stand-alone units or for integration in our kitchen trailers or containers. They therefore cover a diverse range of cuisine, to suit different countries' cooking and eating customs.

Kärcher  Kitchen trailers

Kitchen trailers

Our individually configurable kitchen trailers enable relief forces and affected parties to be provided with fresh food quickly, even in remote areas or on difficult terrain.

Kärcher  Kitchen containers

Kitchen containers

Our mobile and configurable kitchen containers offer maximum output for feeding large numbers of people nutritious and varied meals over longer periods of time.

Kärcher  Accessories


We offer suitable, carefully selected accessories for our mobile catering solutions.

Rapid response kitchen on tour: set it up, try it out and take it down again

Our modular rapid response kitchen KRR 50 is on tour once again this year, offering interested civil protection organisations the opportunity to try out our kitchens in situ. With the help of our specialists and experienced chefs, the rapid response kitchen is set up, used to prepare food, then dismantled. During this year and last year we visited civil protection and disaster relief organisations and tried out highly varied meals with the participants.

“I think it’s great because it gives us the chance to exchange experiences. Otherwise, everyone cooks their own bit of soup. Today, we can give each other tips and learn from each other,” declares one workshop participant.

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