Code of Ethics

It is part of our corporate policy that Kärcher Futuretech and its employees respect all applicable laws, values and standards worldwide. Our directors and supervisors must ensure that their subordinates are aware of and comply with these laws. These guidelines must be strictly observed by every employee of Kärcher Futuretech.

Human rights and compliance with the law

We respect human rights; we also respect the relevant laws, values, standards and social order in all countries.


We do not tolerate any discrimination based on sex, age, race, nationality, disability, social origin or sexual leanings. We advocate equal opportunity.

Child labour

We condemn child labour and comply with the statutory regulations pertaining to the minimum age of employees.

Forced labour and punishment

We condemn forced labour and physical punishment, threat and harassment of employees.


We resolutely reject any form of corruption.

Fair pay and working time

Wages, social benefits and working time correspond at least to the local legal standards.

Freedom of association

We recognize the right of our employees to the freedom of association. We work together with worker representatives on a basis of trust.

Occupational health and safety

We protect our employees from dangers in the workplace and support measures to promote the health of our employees.

Environmental protection

Our products, services and processes are designed to be environmentally-friendly. Wherever our company operates, we take account of the environmental requirements and treat national resources with all due responsibility.