Zivil- und Katastrophenschutz

Technology and competence for mobile protection and catering systems

There is no such thing as total security. Risks and threats can never be entirely ruled out, either in highly developed industrial regions or in emerging  or developing countries. Wherever human beings are caught up in extreme emergency situations, there is a need for rapid professional help. As a rule, civil defence forces  tackle disasters and their consequenes. The courage, commitment, energy and competence shown by such forces and their achievements deserve tremendous respect.

Kärcher Futuretech focuses all the know-how and experience gained from more than 30 years of tried and trusted practical involvement in field missions worldwide on ensuring that both aid workers and victims in a given situation receive the best possible care. The result is efficient, robust and innovative products for civil defence and disaster control, products distinguished by their outstanding operating safety even in the toughest conditions and most stressful situations. Prominent national and international organizations trust Kärcher Futuretech solutions for CBRN decontamination, water supply, field camp technology, catering logistics and hygiene. They do so because reliable decontamination, an assured water supply, clean accommodation and functional field kitchen modules create the indispensable foundation for coping with extreme emergency situations. As such, they are the first step toward reconstruction.

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