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Armed forces and military organizations all over the world place their trust in Kärcher Futuretech solutions for CBRN decontamination, water supply, field camp technology, catering logistics and hygiene. These products were developed in cooperation with leading nations’ defence ministries for worldwide deployment in the toughest conditions and under the most extreme stress. That is because reliable decontamination, an assured drinking water supply, clean accommodation and functional field kitchen modules create the indispensible foundation for coping with extreme situations. As such, they are the first step toward reconstruction. Both for peacekeeping missions and for rapid relief after disasters, quality is the indispensible basis for safe and reliable functioning.

The Kärcher Futuretech quality management system goes beyond ISO 9001 to fulfil the more stringent AQAP 2110, the design, development and production quality requirements developed by NATO.  With an ISO 14001-certified environmental management sysatem, Kärcher Futuretech complies with current environmental protection standards.  All processes, equipment and decontamination materials have been tested by troops in real conditions and their efficacy has been proven in tests using genuine warfare agents.

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