Environmental Management ISO 14001:2004

In an age of global warming and mounting environmental problems, companies must also assume responsibility for  Earth as a whole Kärcher Futuretech has worked with an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system since 2004.

At Kärcher Futuretech,  CO2 reduction and recycling are not just empty promises, but a commitment. Clear rules for waste separation and waste reduction wherever possible and exclusive use of materials that do not harm the environment are just some of our self-imposed requirements.

Further environmental goals are to reduce the quantity of raw materials and energy required both for making our products and in our daily work. These goals, too, are consistently required and implemented in the company. We regularly monitor and optimize our activities in the field of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.


We closely follow developments in the duty to provide information under Article 33 of the EU’s REACH regulation. Immediately after publication of the first Candidate List on 28 October 2008 we contacted our suppliers in order to obtain all the information required. We react promptly to any changes in the Candidate List.

Some substances (SVHCs) in the Candidate List are commonly used, especially DEHP as a softening agent in plastic parts. Products supplied by us may still contain such softening agents, e.g. in electrical cables, hoses, wheels, handles and other parts and components. If used as intended these substances present no danger to health or the environemnt. Our use of them is in compliance with current statutory regulations. However, in order to preempt potential bans, we are already working hard to substitute these substances insofar as technically feasible.

We can already confirm that Kärcher detergents contain no substances on the current Candidate List.

Should you require any further information, please contact our Environment and Sustainability Department directly.

Andreas Mayer
Head of Environment and Sustainability Management
Tel.: +49 7195 14-2831

We will be happy to provide you with the information you require